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Rosemont Community Character

Our community experiences the pressures of infill development. Infills need to strive to be compatible with the existing community. The following describes the original character. 


  • Residences display architectural vocabulary consisting of low, simple structures with predominantly horizontal lines.
  • Massing is constrained by low building density and low-profile designs.
  • Roofs have low slopes in either a hip or gable configuration.
  • Building materials are generally wood or stucco.
  • Building details minimal in design with clean, simple profiles

Residential Lots

  • Large, private lots.
  • Percentage of built area to open area for original homes is roughly 28% allowing for spacious yards surrounding homes and for long front setbacks.
  • Predominance of mature trees and vegetation ensures visual privacy between residences.

Streets and lanes

  • Strong pedestrian focus in community due to streets with sidewalks.
  • Low massing of residences ensures streets not overpowered by buildings.
  • Rear garages are preferred as front garages and front driveways negatively impact the pedestrian realm at the sidewalk.
  • Homes and entryways are clearly visible from the street.
  • Mature trees and vegetation line the streets.
  • Back lanes ensure privacy, enhance visual appeal of the frontages and increase pedestrian-friendliness of community.

General Development Recommendations

  1. Respect the community context of modest massing, existing setbacks and streetscape, and predominantly horizontal lines of existing architecture. 
  2. Avoid adding architectural elements that are new to the community such as steep roofs, dormers, vertical massing, and increased massing toward street.
  3. Encourage proponents and developers to contact RCA Development Committee to obtain further guidance.
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